Assembly/Solderer, Post Wave Team Member

Position Title: Assembly/Solderer, Post Wave Team Member

Department: Thru-hole

Reports to: Production Manager

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Become IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 certified and retain those certifications.
  • Meet production requirements: Ability to read, understand, and navigate in Fusion documentation, Pass the Component Identification quiz, Run in-line washers, Depanel per work instructions, and In-process inspect accurately.
  • Assist Assembly Pre-Wave Team in prepping, stuffing, and selective solder operations, as needed.
  • Perform Press-fitting per work instructions, when needed.
  • Become IPC-7711certified if team indicates the need for more qualified personnel.
  • Become certified in solder level 3 and maintain that skill level, as a minimum.
  • Have fine pitch soldering skills to meet solder level 4 in-training.
  • Operate Board heaters per work instructions, as needed.
  • Become certified in all three (3) levels of Mods (modification: Mod1 insert mod wires, Mod2 trace cuts, Mod 3 modify parts.).
  • Help to update procedures and work instructions as needed to match current process.
  • Maintain 6S standards and continually look for ways to improve processes.
  • Be a role model by following and re-enforcing Safety, ESD, ITAR and QMS protocols.
  • Actively participate in Lean activities and embrace change, as a minimum give feed back regarding changes to ensure stability and sustainability.
  • Follow the procedures as defined in the QMS that pertain to your area or position. Help update procedures and work instructions as needed to match current process.
  • Work in a manor that meets or exceeds quality level and production schedule.
  • Use the MES to track time the status of jobs.
  • Pursue relentless reduction of waste.

Silicon Forest Electronics also offers an exceptional benefit package including competitive wages, $1,500 tuition reimbursement annually, health, dental, and vision insurance, paid vacation, sick pay, 401(k) retirement plan, Employee Share Ownership Plan, life insurance, and holiday pay.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to or complete an online application available here.

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