Assembly, Quality Inspector

Title Assembly, Inspector

Department Production

Reports to: Production Manager

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Become IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 certified and retain those certifications.
  • Meet production requirements: Ability to read, understand, and navigate in Fusion documentation, Pass the Component Identification quiz, Run in-line washers, Depanel per work instructions, and In-process inspect accurately.
  • Become IPC-7711certified if team indicates the need for more qualified personnel.
  • Become Final QA certified and maintain that certification.
  • Become certified in solder level 3 and maintain that skill level, as a minimum.
  • Have fine pitch soldering skills to meet solder level 4 in-training.
  • Operate either x-ray machines per work instructions, as team requires.
  • Help to update procedures and work instructions as needed to match current process.
  • Maintain 6S standards and continually look for ways to improve processes.
  • Be a role model by following and re-enforcing Safety, ESD, ITAR and QMS protocols.
  • Actively participate in Lean activities and embrace change, as a minimum give feed back regarding changes to ensure stability and sustainability.
  • Follow the procedures as defined in the QMS that pertain to your area or position. Help update procedures and work instructions as needed to match current process.
  • Work in a manor that meets or exceeds quality level and production schedule.
  • Use the MES to track time the status of jobs.
  • Pursue relentless reduction of waste.

Minimum Qualifications: Knowledge of and ability to inspect to IPC-A-610 Solder level 2 skills and Inspect through a microscope.