Documentation Specialist

Position Title: Documentation Specialist
Department: Programs
Reports to: Customer Focus Team Project Manager(s)

Principal Accountabilities:
• Creates new part numbers in MRP/ERP system.
• Responsible for creating and maintaining Component Item Masters including Manufacturer and Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) management in the MRP/ERP system.
• Responsible for manipulating customer Bills of Materials (BOMs) and importing into MRP/ERP system via data management tool (DMT).
• Updating and maintaining BOMs in the MRP/ERP system.
• Facilitate and execute ECO’s and Waivers pertaining to MPN and BOMs.
• Provide support to manufacturing engineering and customer focus teams.
• Importing and maintaining BOMs in Silicon Expert
• Initiate and implement continuous improvement in procedures and work instructions that directly apply to the Documentation Technician position.
• Organize and update all applicable folders in Engineering Data.
• Import Bill of Operations (BOO) from quote module in to ERP system via DMT
• Typical additional responsibilities may include bid log entry, creating quote folders, reviewing and organizing customer data.
• Be a role model by following and re-enforcing Safety, ESD, ITAR, and QMS protocols.

Minimum Qualifications:
Understand what the Component Item Master fields do in the MRP/ERP systems
Understanding what a Bill of Material does in a manufacturing environment
Familiar with electronic components
High school diploma or equivalent

Minimum Competencies:
Excellent Microsoft Excel and data manipulation skills
Be able to find the QMS documentation for your area and position
Describe the work instructions required for your area and position
Interpersonal skills and can work well in a team environment
Ability to multi-task and prioritize projects

Preferred Qualifications:
2 years’ experience with ERP systems
2 years’ experience in an electronics manufacturing environment