Frank Nichols started Silicon Forest Electronics in 1999. As Founder, CEO, and President, he has grown SFE to over 96 employees. He has created a “Human Management” style that focuses on making a positive and profound impact to all employees, customers, communities, and shareholders through the implementation of “Listen. Connect. Improve.”

Frank is a member on the Board of Directors of 1) Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance; 2) Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition, 3) Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing, and 4) a Member of the Governor’s Aerospace Pipeline Committee.

Frank was born and raised in a small farming community west of Fresno, California. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California State University and a Masters of Business Administration from University of Phoenix.

After completion of his BSME, Frank became a Mechanical Engineer for the US Navy Department- Pacific Missile Test Center, providing production management for air-to-air, air-to-ground missile, and RPV target systems. He then became a Systems Engineer for the US Navy- Joint Cruise Missile Program Office, involved with the production and testing of autonomous-flight missile systems.

Frank has also been a Program Manager working with the development of insensitive explosives and rocket motors. He wrote and won a proposal for Government Owned Contractor Operated Sacramento Army Depot worth $600M while Program Manager of a company who dealt with automated handling and storage systems.

In 1986, Frank founded Orion Services and became the President and Marketing Consultant involved in engineering support services. He was also the Team Leader for the Radioactive Mixed Waste recycling facility for Manufacturing Science Corporation that won a $1.9B award.

All this and more, lead up to his foundation for Silicon Forest Electronics, Inc. As President/CEO, he is currently focusing the company’s efforts to move from a national presence to a global presence in manufacturing of mission critical electronic assemblies.